I am O’nae Chatman, an Award Winning Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Best Selling Author of two books, “GameChanger Success Series: Second Edition, and Mr. Chatman’s No-Nonsense Guide To Decision Making for Teens”.

As a speaker and consultant I encourage and motivate thousands of students weekly through high-impact presentations and Professional Development Training in schools, non-profit organizations, community assemblies, and corporate level entities. I strive to address the many issues that plague students in the classroom and beyond.

By focusing on relevant issues such as conflict resolution, bullying, behavioral management, and career and college readiness, it allows students to become better engaged in the overall academic experience.


Mr. O’nae Chatman

National Speaker ~ Best Selling Author~ Educational Consultant


Innovative, Creative, Cutting Edge, and Practical are a few words used to describe O'nae Chatman. He is an Author, Empowerment Speaker, College Lecturer, and Mentor to thousands through his books, seminars, and educational materials. O'nae is passionate about helping people and organizations reach their fullest potential. One of America's best up and coming keynote speakers, he brings the perfect balance of energy, real world experience, compassion, and credibility. Not only does he inspire organizations across the country, he has the unique ability to get audiences to move toward practical and effective approaches that produce change within their lives and organizations.

O'nae is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for his service to the larger community. These awards include receiving the Prestigious Dr. Gardner C. Taylor Award for ministry, as well as the Dr. Carson Best Academy Mentoring Award for outstanding service in the area of mentoring and counseling. He has been featured on countless media outlets across the country. O'nae has served as guest lecturer for Colleges and Universities speaking on topics that relate to adults, and young people alike. He is also the Author of several books including, "Flesh vs. Spirit", "Saving Our Sons", and "It's Always Too Soon To Quit", also the upcoming book entitled "Reading Transformation", a book dedicated to reading competence and advancement for middle school students. O'nae lives by the motto, "It's okay to dream, but put sweat equity on the dream."



O’nae Chatman has given over 300 keynote speeches for K-12 schools, colleges and universities, civic organizations, and companies across the country. Some of these prestigious schools and organizations include: