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I am O’nae Chatman, an Award Winning Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Best Selling Author of two books, “GameChanger Success Series: Second Edition, and Mr. Chatman’s No-Nonsense Guide To Decision Making for Teens”.

As a speaker and consultant I encourage and motivate thousands of students weekly through high-impact presentations and Professional Development Training in schools, non-profit organizations, community assemblies, and corporate level entities. I strive to address the many issues that plague students in the classroom and beyond.


Mr. O’nae Chatman

National Speaker ~ Best Selling Author~ Educational Consultant




Services Offered:

  • Motivational and Empowerment Speaking
  • Professional Development
  • Conferences
  • Keynotes/Workshops
  • College Orientations
  • Leadership Trainings
  • School Summits
  • Parental Engagement Workshops and Community Events

Presentation Topics:

  • Conflict Resolution/Positive Behavior Intervention
  • Transitioning From High School To College/Career and College Readiness
  • Transitioning From Junior High to High School
  • Bullying
  • Teen Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Changing School Culture and Climate, Building Stronger Teacher/Student Relationships

Best-Selling Books


Mr. Chatman’s Tips and Strategies for Successful Decision Making

“We must remember that we are not born making good decisions. This is something that we practice on a daily basis. This guide will help you become a great decision maker. By the end of this guide you will be encouraged, empowered, and equipped to make the next big step in life.



GameChanger Success Series: Building Positive Character, Changing School Climate, and Building Teacher/Student Relationships”

“This Guide is filled with real life questions and scenarios that help prepare students to take the necessary steps to change their mindsets and their lives. This Success Guide allows students to take ownership and authority. You are the GameChanger!!!!!!


I found Mr. Chatman’s presentation to be insightful, engaging, and inspiring. Mr. Chatman connected with my students on a level that they could identify with. The message was understood and received. The staff and i feel rejuvenated and this presentation definitely changed the game for my students and the culture of our school.
— Dr. Christopher Hill, Principal of Okolona High School


Motivational Speeches